Freelance Content Marketing Writer

Content · Gilbert, Arizona
Department Content
Employment Type Contractor
Minimum Experience Mid-level
Compensation $200 per article

Can u write wel? WE NED YUR HLP NAO! We're looking for a freelance content marketing writer. You will be primarily writing blog articles (and possibly some website content) for our clients in the home service industries.

Some examples of blog topics you’ll be assigned include:

You’re perfect for this position if:

You understand that great content is helpful, not “SEO’d”—You abhor keyword stuffing and article spinning. You want your content to rank but you know that the best way to do that is by creating unique, truly useful content that answers people’s questions and solves their problems.

You love researching and learning new things—You know that getting great output requires great input. That said, much of your day is spent reading, researching and analyzing topics to find original, thoughtful ways to explain HVAC, plumbing and electrical topics.

You have a solid, repeatable writing process for creating high-quality content—You’ve spent countless hours writing, so you know how you can best get work done and can explain your process to someone. And you know there’s always room for improvement so you continually hone your process.

You can explain anything simply and clearly—You can absorb technical research and translate it into simple, clear writing that even your sweet grandma could understand. We write on technical topics like the engineering behind air conditioners, furnaces, plumbing, electricity and building science.

You’re a sucker for concise and uber-persuasive copywriting. You’re not just a blogger, you’ve also dabbled in website copy. You believe that good copywriting is concise, clear, well-researched, and can only happen when you truly know your audience. At the end of the day, you know you’ve achieved a killer piece of website copy if it gets users to take action.

How to Apply

Send us your resume and application below along with a link to your fancy-schmancy portfolio. Warning: We will ignore your application if you do not include writing samples!

Please also include the following writing test/prompt:

Research how a central air conditioner dehumidifies the air inside a home. Then, imagine your grandmother asks you to explain this AC dehumidification process. Draft a 1-2 paragraph explanation (keeping her awareness/knowledge level in mind) and send this along with your resume.

Our Process

At the beginning of every month, you will receive your blog assignments. The number of blog assignments you receive every month will vary depending on the amount of work we have available and your capacity.

Per blog assignment you will be responsible for:

  • All preliminary research
  • Writing the first draft
  • Incorporating any edits from our content editors
  • Incorporating any edits from our clients

You will not be responsible for any direct client communication. All client feedback will be relayed to you via our content editors.

Thank You

Your application was submitted successfully.

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  • Location
    Gilbert, Arizona
  • Department
  • Employment Type
  • Minimum Experience
  • Compensation
    $200 per article